Hygge and Hugs

Today is the day I start the Hygge Accreditation with Hygge in the Early Years. I have got my little note book and started to document the setting and the changes both it and I will go through as part of a continuous journey to improve my practice, self-care and taking pleasure from simple things in the moment.

As part of my Hygge Journey I have also become a Hygge Brand Ambassador, as I really want to help spread the concept of "Hygge" (pronounced hue'guh) or as a lovely friend of mine (also an Early Years Practitioner who continually inspires me to be outdoors) pronounces it - 'Huggy'!

Hygge has no direct English translation from Danish, it is a concept of embracing the simple moments of life such as a hug from your child, a meal with friends, a walk along the beach. Well being and self care is at its centre, for if we aren't taking care of ourselves it can impact our practice, how we feel about others and situations, impacting on our physical and mental health.

I started this journey with the Wanderlust Nature Study course as part of my cpd for being a Childminder and it opened up a whole new way of looking at things, that each topic is to be embraced as fun and not a chore, that being outside is to be treasured not reluctantly under taken. Even as a parent much of this course is adaptable to be used with my own boys who are no longer in the Early Years. (And until June currently a steal at £5!!)

I shall be sharing on here the journey the setting will undertake over the next 12 months whilst earning my Accreditation so keep your eyes peeled for ideas, resources, and the good old before and after photos!



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