Partnership Working

As I mentioned in our August newsletter we shall be working with Natalie to introduce the children to the each other through letters photos, videos and shared resources to foster relationships over distances, engaging them in different ways of life.

We shall start this journey by sharing the story The Storm Whale by Benji Davies and sending them a copy of the book along with a lighthouse to decorate. I shall be putting a little "message in a bottle" in the post this week to introduce us all. I have also planned to send seashells that the children will be collecting for the other children to identify and explore.

I shall be posting a video of the story, read by yours truly, on the youtube channel

We shall be thinking of what we can share with our new friends; can we draw them a picture or write them a letter, perhaps send a video or copy a recipe. We can link all areas of learning as well as many characteristics of effective learning when interacting and engaging the children in ways we can communicate and build this relationship.

I ask that you consider asking your child about their special far away friends, encouraging language or trains of thought such as "how do you think the letter gets there?" "i wonder how long it takes?" and so on... plant those seeds for your child to start thinking about the world around them.

We are going to have lots of fun!

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